Saturday, April 4, 2020
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM


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CEU: Grounding & Bonding - Online

THIS SESSION WILL BE PRESENTED ONLINE. Zoom access codes will be sent via email 2 days prior to the webinar.

Participants will earn 8 continuing education units (CEUs) upon successful completion of this course.

This class provides an overview of Article 250 from the NEC, covering line and load side, grounding and bonding.

Students will learn:

  • The importance of using accepted definitions of terms applicable to grounding and bonding
  • The importance of providing a low-impedance path of proper capacity to ensure the operation of overcurrent protective devices
  • The various components of the grounding and bonding system
  • Electric shock hazards and the effect of electricity on the human body

IECRM's CEU courses meet the criteria of the Colorado State Electrical Board Rule 9.7, and are approved for Wyoming continuing education, and are approved for New Mexico continuing education. In addition, this course meets the criteria for continuing education re-certification requirements of NABCEP Solar PV Certified Installers.


Below is the curriculum that this class will cover, though please note that the instructor will touch upon different topics at different lengths, based on the learning needs of each class.

  • Article 100: Grounding, bonding, bonding jumper, equipment grounding conductor
  • Article 250:
    • 250.24: Routing and sizing, parallel service-entrance conductors, more requirements
    • 250.28: Main and system bonding jumpers, material, construction, attachment, size
    • 250.35: Permanently installed generators
    • 250.50: Grounding electrode system
    • 250.53: Bonding jumper
    • 250.56: Resistance of rod, pipe, and plate electrodes, earth resistance tester, multiple rods, pipes, and plates
    • 250.80: Service raceways and enclosures, exceptions
    • 250.86: Other conductor enclosures and raceways
    • 250.90: General
    • 250.92: Bonding of services, methods
    • 250.94: Bonding for other systems
    • 250.96: Bonding other enclosures, general
    • 250.102: Size bonding conductors and jumpers, supply side bonding jumper, equipment bonding jumper on load side of an overcurrent device
    • 250.104: Metal water piping, buildings of multiple occupancy, bonding of piping at multiple buildings, other, structural metal, separately derived systems, metal water piping systems, common grounding electrode conductor
    • 250.122: Motor circuits, conductors in parallel
    • 250.140: Frames of ranges and clothes dryers (new, existing circuits)
    • 250.142: Use of grounded circuit conductor for grounding equipment
  • Chapter 5 of NEC: Grounding of specific equipment: Insulated equipment grounding conductor, receptacles with insulated grounding terminal, mobile homes, manufactured homes, etc.


What to bring: Please be sure to bring a calculator and your NFPA 70 Code Book. You are more than welcome to bring a laptop, tablet, smart phone, and pen/pencil and paper in order to take notes.  You are welcome to bring something to drink and something to eat as food will not be provided.  Class will recess for 30 minutes for lunch.

Purchased books may be picked up at the IECRM Northglenn offices or shipped to you (shipping fees apply).