Wednesday, April 29, 2020


  • 200429-Current Apprentice Entry Ticket - $125.00
  • 200429-Member Entry Ticket - $195.00
  • 200429-Member Entry Ticket 2nd or More - $155.00
  • 200429-Non Member Entry Ticket - $295.00
  • 200429-Non Member Entry Ticket, 2nd+ Person - $255.00
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Troubleshooting with Glen Mazur- Savannah-200429

Get the information you need on troubleshooting the electrical system.  Attend this dynamic class with national author and trainer Glen Mazur.  Learn: Basic Knowledge and Skills required to accurately select and use test instruments to troubleshoot equipment, circuits and systems.
Hands-On Training using 8 different types of meters. Build and Take Measurements on common electrical circuits.
Learn how to Use Special Functions like MIN/MAX, RELATIVE and LoZ. Connect, Program and Test 2 Types of VFD's
Take and Understand Power Quality Problems
Monday April 29, 2020 Time and location TBD